Pistaccho and maddaccho: Never Foul in Love

Vain Moats Finally Hit the Big Time

2 grite pieces ov advoice from ve anglo-roman band.
4 the toim bane, jost v’ lyrics.
“Way oin’t gavin’ a-why a’ fins loik vat…” vie sie strixlay romanesque. “Way wuznt bawn yesterdie”.

Never foul in love wif a lass ’af your age
Wisely nuff, this bloke fouls in love wif a lass twice ’is age.


Never foul in love wif a lass ’af your age
Speshly if yo’re firty.
Let ’er have ’er fun wif de blokes right ’er age,
Make do wif fink dirty.

Dad and mom might get pistaccho, and the coppers fetch.
They wood send you up and fix it
so that you’d be sorry for a long stretch.

Never foul in love wif a bloke twice your age,
Speshly if yo’re forty.
Never take fo’ granted he’ll croak overage,
Bonerless and warty.

Cheated on he’d get maddaccho ’n leave yo’ in the lurch.
You might ’ave to fend fo’ yosself
In ways yo’ repewt’d git a grand smurch.

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