Joe’s Farage

UKIP it greezy so it’ll go down eezy

Joe's Farage
Uhh, a coppola quartsa beer ’n a faggy on the side… What else?” (I mean.. not that faggy…)

Joe Cricket:
It wuzn’t very ludge
Dere was Justin Uffroom to cram the drums
In de conna ovuh by the dudge
It was a fifty-4
Wid a mashed up door
Anna Cheezy li’l amp
With a sine on the front sad
“Fan the Champ”
Anna Sekkinhan guitar
It was a Strut-O’Custer wid a wham-me bar

We cood jam in Joe’s Farage
’is momma was screemin’
’is ded was med
We was playin’ de same old song
Indie aftahnoon ’n sometimes we wood
Play it all nite long
It was all we ’noo, ’n easy tew
So we woodn’t git it wrong
Awl we did was bender string like…

Down in Joe’s Farage
We didn’t ’ave no dope or Ellis-D
But a coppola quartsa beer
Wood fix it so the intonashin
Wood not offend yer eer
And da same old chords goin’ over ’n over
B-came a symphony
We cood play it agin ’n agin ’n agin
Coz it sounded good to me

We cood jam in Joe’s Farage
His mama was screamin’,
We was playin’ the same ol’ sung
Indie ’alf-to-noon ’n sometimes we wood
Play it all nite lung
It wez all we ’noo, ’n easy tew
So we woodn’t get it rawn
Ev’n if you played it on a sex-o’phone

We thawt we wuz pretty good
We tawkt about keepin’ the band to gather
’N we figgered that we shood
’Coz about dis time we wez gettin’ d-eye
Fum the gals inda naybahood
They’d all come ovuh ’n denser ’round like…

So we picked out a stew-pid name
’ad sum cards printed up f’r a coppola bux
’N we wez on our way to fame
Got matching soots
’N beetle boots
’N a sine on the back of the kerr
’N we was reddy to work in a gaw-gaw-buh

Peeples seemed to like our song
Dey got up ’n danced ’n maid a lotta noise
An’ it wasn’t ’fore very long
A guy from a company we can’t name
Said we otta take his pen
’N sine on the line for a reel good time
But he didn’t tell us when
Diese “good times” would be sumfin’
Vat was reelly Appennin
So the band broke up
An’ it looks like
We will never play again…

Joe Cricket:
Gas you only gat one chance in life
To play a song dat goes like…

Mrs. Borg-Dreeny:
Tern it dowin!
Tern it dowin!
I have chilrum sleeping ’ere… .
Dontcho boys know a knee-nice song?

Joe Cricket:
Well da yahs was rollin’ by
’eavy meddle ’n glidda rock
’ad caught the poblic-I
Snotty boys with lipstick awn
Was reelly flyin-I
’N den dey got dat disco thang
’N new waive came along
’N all of a sudden I fawt the time
’ad come f’r dat old song
We you-ster play in Joe’s Farage
And if I am not ’rong
You will soon be dancin’ to the…

Mrs. Borg-Dreeny:
The WHITE ZONE is for loading and unloading only.
If you gotta load or unload, go to the WHITE ZONE..

Joe Cricket:
I said the yahs was rollin’ by, yeah
The yahs was rollin’ by…

Mrs. Borg-Dreeny:
I’m calling the pawliss!

Joe Cricket:
So the yahs was rollin’ by…

Mrs. Borg-Dreeny:
I did it!

Joe Cricket:
So the yahs was rollin’ by…

Mrs. Borg-Dreeny:
They’ll be ’ere… shawtly!

Joe Cricket:
By, by, the yahs was rollin’ by…

This is the PAWLISS
(blehr-blehr-Blair… blehr-blehr-Blair…
blehr-blehr-Blair… blehr-blehr-Blair…
blehr-blehr-Blair… blehr-blehr-Blair…

I like you K-naydians…

Mrs. Borg-Dreeny:
He used to cut me grass, he was a very nice bloke…

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